Kuwi Capacities

Learning Blog on Cultural Research-based approaches and work techniques

by Dorle Dracklé, Martin Gruber & Oliver Hinkelbein

The Learning Blog entitled ‘Kuwi Capacities“ introduces fundamental approaches and work techniques for Cultural Research. It tackles diverse subjects such as developing anthropological research, working with literature,  citation / quotation  techniques, but also how to independently organise one’s time and workload and how to deal with writer’s block. The blog was designed and launched  jointly by students and teaching staff. ‘Kuwi Capacities’ is a freely available and accessible resource for all students. All course content iscollated here as an eclectic, varied and entertaining mix of texts, didactic films and podcasts.

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‘Kuwi Capacities“ is organized at regular intervals as a Blended Learning Module. Module students have the opportunity of deepening their grasp of blog material and test important work techniques through independent assignments in the context of blocks of classes, or so-called Labs. The module is geared to all beginning students as well as more advanced students in need of a primer. Attendance counts for 3 CP and requires active participation in the Labs as well as completion of specific course assignments.

All questions regarding Kuwi Capacities can be addressed to Martin Gruber 
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