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Sarah Lüdemann

Sarah Lüdemann

Institute :
Institute for Art History - Film Studies - Art Education 

Contemporary Art, Practice & Mediation

GW2 B3910

+49 (0)421 218 67732

saluprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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Sarah Lüdemann was born in Cologne and grew up in rural Northern Germany.

From 2001 to 2005 she studied linguistics, psychology and art within a teaching degree program at the University of Cologne, and then lived in Norway, Italy, England and Holland to teach languages, media studies, academic writing, critical thinking and art history.

In 2010, the artist was selected for an influential working scholarship at the Fundación Marcelino Botín, Villa Iris with Mona Hatoum. In the same year she was on the shortlist for the Arts and Humanities Research Council BGP scholarship and received the South Square Trust Award to study a Master in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins in London.

This was followed in 2011 by the Roger & Sarah Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust Scholarship. She graduated in 2011 with honors.

In 2012 - 2017 Lüdemann relocates her center of life and work to Berlin. Working scholarships and stays followed in Berlin (Momentum | Berlin), Sao Paulo (BR) (Tofiq House), Helgeland (NO) (Artbase Helgeland) and Los Angeles (US) (Research Trip & Working with Gabriel Kuri). Her works are exhibited internationally, ia. Printed Matter, New York (US) / Goethe Institute Cairo (EGY) / Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (DE) / Hayaka Arti, Istanbul (TR) / Trafo, Szczecin (PL) / Le lavoir public, Lyon (FR) / Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden (DE) / HDLU, Zagreb (HR) / October Salon, Belgrade (RS) / Ventolin Art Space, Melbourne (AU). Sarah Lüdemann is represented by Galerie Schlachthaus, Berlin. Her work is part of the MOMENTUM Worldwide Video Collection (DE), the Piracy Book Collection, AND Publishing (UK), DesapE (BR), Tofiq House Collection (BR) and many private collections worldwide.

In 2017 and 2018 teaching assignments for the teaching of contemporary art in the department 09 at the University of Bremen.

Since WiSe 2018 employed as lecturer in the mentioned area.



Research interests

  •     Voice and communication systems without systems
  •     The self as a reality generation
  •     The repetitive gesture in video and performance art


Current projects

"Meat body" // man machine and language disputes in details


1. Lüdemann, S. (2016): Soft Information: A studio visit With Gabriel Kuri. In: RanDian Magazine: 04. Hong Kong.

2. Lüdemann, S. (2015): TRANSFORMATION OF MIND = TRANSFORMATION OF MATTER. In: Institute for new artistic thinking (online)


Further texts

1. Lüdemann, S. (2011): Real fictional I (Self portraiture and the narrated self). Masterarbeit

2. Lüdemann, S. (2005): Das Selbst in der Malerei: Formale und inhaltliche Untersuchungen des Selbstporträts in Verflechtung mit verschiedenen Bildebenen. Examensarbeit


Work nominations

1. Gilbert, A. (2018): Im toten Winkel der Literatur. Grenzfälle literarischer Werkwerdung seit den 1950er Jahren. Paderborn: Fink

2. Zanki, J. (2017): In Anthropological Conceptualisation of the Space in Thangka Painting and Contemporary Art Practices. Kapitel 6: Relationship towards Image in Tibetan and Contemporary Culture. Habilitation.



1. Moreno, C. (2014): Beat my Meat - Sarah Lüdemann. Berlin in Art

2. Guy, L. (2013): Nick Thurston - Pretty Brutal Library. Contemporary art and writing in the North of England.

3. Watson, E. (2013): The Piracy Project, or: Will the “Real Author” Please Stand Up?. Publishing Trendsetter



1. Seyfried, P. (2017): Weil es wieder an der Zeit ist Standpunkte einzunehmen und zu vertreten. Ein Interview mit Sarah Lüdemann. Ifnat.

2. Video-Interview (2015): Museum Villa Rot. Youtube



Winter Semester 2017/18

University of Bremen: "Communication of Contemporary Art"


Summer Semester2018

University of Bremen: "Communication of Contemporary Art"


Winter Semester 2018/19

University of Bremen: "Art on the pulse" and "Art mediation between research and action"