Teaching and learning about research: Development of a methodology kit for the BA course Art-Media-Aesthetic Education with a digital teaching and learning environment

After the reform of the introductory phase (ForststA, 2012-2013), our institute will focus on research methods and the development of a digital "methodology kit" for the bachelor art-media-aesthetic education in the next years.

It deals with the following questions: Which research methods are fundamental for the three subjects of the interdisciplinary study program? What role do research methods play and what do we mean by that? How can methods be developed objectively and theoretically and questioned critically? How can the teaching of research methods be supported by digital materials and learning formats?

The following measures are planned: Within the scope of the seminars of module 5 in the second year of study, colleagues of the institute and guest speakers of the three disciplines of art studies, film studies and art education will present research methods and discuss them with the students. On this basis, we develop a method curriculum that enables integration of the various disciplines and provides orientation for the entire course of studies. A digital learning and teaching environment ensures the results, provides new formats and materials for teachers and students, thus enabling an inter-institutional exchange. In addition to these measures, offers from student writing coaches are embedded in the course of studies for a long time, which enables individual support of the writing practice - as a basic prerequisite for art and humanities research. In this way we would like to consolidate the integration of the interdisciplinary study program and address the needs of a heterogeneous student body.

Project responsible

Bettina Henzler
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The further development of the degree program is part of the university-wide project  ForstAintegriert (Hochschulpakt Lehre)