YUFE - Young Universities for the Future of Europe

YUFE is an alliance of ten young, innovative European universities which were selected by the European Commission to set up a European University.

On a YUFE Student Journey, students have the opportunity to create their own curriculum at ten universities across Europe. Plurilingualism is a key element in the creation of a diverse and integrative alliance.  YUFE puts this principle into practice and offers training opportunities and language courses in many European languages.

The SZHB provides various YUFE language options on behalf of the University of Bremen:

  • Students on a YUFE Student Journey can take blended learning and online language courses, attend virtual language cafés and participate in a language tandem.
  • Staff have the opportunity to take online YUFE language courses.

All courses, programmes and other options are free of charge.

SZHB language courses for YUFE - students

Information on all language course offers for YUFE students can be found on the YUFE Student Portal under "Languages".

SZHB language courses for YUFE students (WiSe22/23)

- Beginning German Online: Course Overview

- Intermediate German Online: Course Overview

- Advanced German Online: Course Overview

- German All Levels (2 seats each in face-to-face courses A1-C1 at the Goethe Institute in Bremen)

- Language cafés

- Tandems

SZHB language courses for YUFE - staff

More information on language training for YUFE staff can be found in the YUFE Staff Portal under "Staff Development Opportunities".  You can then go ahead and register directly for the language courses. As the offers for staff are updated throughout the academic year, we recommend checking the Staff Course Offers regularly on the Staff Portal. In order to register for a YUFE language course, you only need to register once for YUFE with your uni-bremen.de email address. You are then able to register directly for the language courses of your choice.

The whole spectrum of opportunities which YUFE provides for students and staff can be found on the YUFE page of the University of Bremen.

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