Standing Conference for Innovation in Teaching

With the establishment of a Standing Conference for Innovation in Teaching, the Vice-President Academics promotes discourse on good and innovative concepts in teaching and thus makes an important contribution to the promotion of excellent teaching at the University of Bremen.

The conference offers participants the opportunity to discuss successful concepts, plausible quality criteria and achievable development perspectives for good teaching. Such a collegial exchange takes place once or twice a year, each time with a changed thematic focus. Interested teachers can apply to participate with a letter of motivation.

The project is supported by LehrehochN.

The next Standing Conference takes place at December 4th, 2019 with the topic "Innovative teaching and learning in a digital world".


The Standing Conference on April 13, 2018 dealt with the topic “Competence-oriented examinations and research-based learning” .

As external speakers Prof. Dr. Gabi Reinmann (University of Hamburg) and Prof. Dr. Niclas Schaper (University of Paderborn) have been invited.

Presentation by Prof. Schaper (in German only): Kompetenzorientiertes Prüfen (im Kontext forschenden Lernens): grundlegende Gestaltungsaspekte und Qualitätskriterien

Prof. Reinmann's presentation is available as Audiofile on her website (only in German). At another placeon this website she reports about her visit at the Standing Conference.


From the University of Bremen, Dr. Margrit Kaufmann (FB09) and  Dr. Jens Bücking (ZMML) gave inputs to the topic (among others).

Presentation by Dr. Kaufmann (in German only): Vom Einfacheren zum Komplexen: Kompetenzorientierte Prüfungsformen des Forschenden Lernens im Modul- und Studienverlauf am Bsp. des BA Kulturwissenschaft

Presentation by Dr. Bücking (in German only): Kompetenzorientierung in (E-)Klausuren. Widerspruch oder Herausforderung?

On 7 June 2017, the 2nd Standing Conference for Innovation in Teaching under the auspices of the Vice-President Academics, Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hoffmeister, took place. The topic was “blended learning” at the University of Bremen.

Some impressions and statements on the Standing Conference have been put together in a short Film.

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