Teaching Day

The next day of teaching takes place on December 7, 2022.

In the afternoon (from 2 to 5 pm) we will focus on sustainability in teaching and learning.

The event will be held in German via Zoom.

You are welcome!

Centrally Organized Event

Tracing Change - Sustainability in Teaching and Learning

Sustainability is becoming a fundamental guiding principle at the University of Bremen. With this strategic reorientation, the new University Executive Board initiates a profound change and recognizes the "responsibility for the necessary global socio-ecological transformation and for justice towards present and future generations" (AS resolution April 2022).

On the Day of Teaching 2022, all university members are invited to exchange ideas about the meaning of sustainability in the context of teaching and learning and how the institution's social responsibility can be shaped and strengthened, both within disciplines and across disciplines. The central challenge is to apply sustainability as a content-related, methodological and didactic principle in teaching and learning.