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Mission Statement

Mission statement for teaching and learning at the University of Bremen

Adopted by the Academic Senate on 16.12.2015


The close connection between research and teaching shapes the spectrum of studies at the University of Bremen. Founded as a reform university, it stands for social accountability and responsibility. The University of Bremen is committed to the continuous development of its high quality teaching. This is the main goal of all teaching activities and study programs and one of the University’s guiding principles.


A University of Research Learning

The University of Bremen provides an education of high scientific quality, which is characterized by research-based learning. Besides excellent academic skills, its students acquire a sound grounding for their future careers. The interweaving of research and teaching is a central design feature of studies. Research-based learning offers all students the opportunity to develop in reflective discourse to responsible and discerning personalities with strong professional competence.


A University of Participation

The University’s teaching staff both promote as well as challenge their students and develop teaching concepts in dialog. Students assume responsibility for their studies. They proactively shape the educational experience and contribute to the further enhancement of teaching quality. They gain their professional identity through building academic competences, supplemented by international experience and an interdisciplinary approach. In this way, students acquire the skill-sets that enable them to participate proactively and responsibly in the shaping processes of modern society.


A University of Diversity

The University of Bremen offers a broad range of subjects with different knowledge cultures. The diversity of its members is their potential. From this diversity, teachers and students develop a learning culture of mutual esteem in which subject-specific, different methods contribute towards a vibrant campus and academic success.