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Promoting projects

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Student research projects

Funds from the Nowetas Foundation can be used to provide financial support for student research projects until June 30, 2021. Accordingly, groups of students can apply for the funds each semester with their own research projects.

Who is eligible for funding?

The call is addressed to Bachelor and Master students of all subjects who would like to carry out research projects in small groups (at least 2 persons). The responsibility for the project proposal is in the hands of the students; a confirmation is required from the teacher that the project will be supervised. Theses are not eligible for funding.

What is funded?

Students can apply for material funds (max. 1,000 euros) for their own research projects carried out as part of courses or extracurricular (e.g. consumables, travel expenses).

 What should the application contain?

  • Names of the applicants
  • Confirmation of the supervising teacher
  • Course of study
  • Type and duration of the research project
  • Title of the project and a short description (max. 1 DIN A4 page)
  • Cost calculation

Please send your applications by email to Christoph Wieselhuber, Teachings and Study Unit. Funding decisions are made at short notice, so applicants can expect a quick response.

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Schnittstellen gestalten

In the frame of the “Quality Initiative Teacher Education”, the project "Schnittstellen gestalten" (translated: "Shaping Interfaces - the Future Concept for Teacher Education at the University of Bremen”) is being funded with 2.8 million euro from 2016 to 2019. The project aims to educate future teachers as “reflective practitioners”, who recognize interfaces, critically reflect on them, and use them productively for their teaching.