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Research-based learning as a degree program profile

Research-based learning at the University of Bremen – Promoting Profiling

The call for proposals “Research-based learning at the University of Bremen - Promoting Profiling” was initiated by the University Executive Board in September 2014 within the scope of the Higher Education Pact. It enabled the promotion of three development projects on existing degree programs from the perspective of research learning.

On the basis of an external expert opinion on the applications received, the following three projects were selected for two-year funding:

  • Research-based learning in the bachelor’s program Biology (Faculty of Biology / Chemistry)
  • Research-based learning as profile of the bachelor's program Cultural Studies (Faculty of Cultural Studies)
  • Research-based learning in Preparation for complex and interdisciplinary occupational fields (FLexeBel) (Faculty of Human and Health Sciences)

The projects receive expert supervision from Prof. Dr. Peter Tremp, who has often worked for the University of Bremen. In the frame of the previous call, for example, he compiled the final evaluation  of the project, “Research-based Learning at the University of Bremen - Supporting Pilot Projects”.

A publication is planned when the project is completed.