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Thomas Baron

Research Assistant


Enrique-Schmidt-Straße 1
D-28359 Bremen
WiWi 1, Room A 2220

Phone: +49 (0)421 218 - 66878


Research Interest:

• Startup Ecosystem

• Transnational Entrepreneurship in Startup Ecosystems

• Innovation Quarters as a new way to short track innovation processes

• Event-based Prototyping

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Thomas has been a research assistant at LEMEX since May 2016.

After completing his bachelor's and master's studies at the University of Bremen - with a focus on "International Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing" - as well as a semester abroad at Syddansk University Odense, Denmark - Thomas first gained practical experience in cooperation management at MeinFernbus/Flixbus in Berlin and got to know the Berlin startup scene during this time.

Since 2016 he has been supporting the LEMEX team in research, teaching and event organization of the chair. Since October 2018 Thomas is also part of the European research project Inno-Quarter. His research focuses on the topic "Startup Ecosystems" in a conceptual and empirical way.


Since 05/2016

Ph.D. Candidate at Chair in Small Business & Entrepreneurship (LEMEX)

University Bremen (Germany)

11/2015 – 04/2016


Bridge scholarship for Ph.D., University Bremen (Germany)

09/2013 – 03/2014

Exchange Semester

Syddansk Universitet Odense (Denmark)

10/2012 – 09/2015

Master programme in Business Administration

University Bremen (Germany)

10/2009 - 09/2012

Bachelor's programme in Business Administration

University Bremen (Germany)


Journal Articles

  • Baron, T. & Freiling, J. (2019): Blueprint Silicon Valley? Explaining Idiosyncrasy of Startup Ecosystems. Problemy zarządzania - Management Issues, 1(81), 65-84.
  • Baron, T., & Harima, A. (2019). The role of diaspora entrepreneurs in start-up ecosystem development-a Berlin case study. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 36(1-2), 74-102.


  • Freiling, J. & Baron, T. (2017): A Resource-based View of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, in Burr, W. & Stephan, M. (Eds.). Technologie, Strategie und Organisation, 65-84. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.
  • Baron, T. (2017). The Impact of Diaspora Ventures on the Dynamics of the Start-up Ecosystem Berlin. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.

Conference Presentations

  • Baron, T., and Freiling, J., Blueprint Silicon Valley? – Explaining Idiosyncrasy of Startup Ecosystems, V. International Scientific Conference on Entrepreneurship for the XXI Century, 15.11. – 16.11.2018, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Participation in OECD Workshop on Transnational Entrepreneurship, 03.09.2018, Paris, France. 
  • Baron, T., and Freiling, J., Startup Ecosystem Dynamics – Isomorphism vs. Idiosyncrasy?, 63rd International Council for Small Business (ICSB) World Congress, 24.06. – 29.06.2018, Taipei, Taiwan.    
  • Baron, T., Enabling Softlanding in Startup Ecosystems? - The Role of Startup Events for Migrant Entrepreneurs, 3. International Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship, 30.11. - 01.12.2017, Bremen, Germany.
  • Baron, T., The Role of Startup Events for Social Capital Development in the Berlin Startup Ecosystem, Workshop on Urban Startup Ecosystems, 18 - 19 July 2017, Bremen, Germany.
  • Freiling J., Baron, T., Juling, J. & Harima, A., Understanding Urban Startup Ecosystem as a Capital Structure, Augsburg Conference on the 'Economic, Technological and Societal Impacts of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems', March 15 - 17, 2017, Augsburg, Germany.
  • Baron, T., With and without Migration Entrepreneurs: What glues Actors within Start-up Ecosystems?, International Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship 2016, 28.-29. November, 2016, Bremen, Germany.
  • Baron, T., Harima, A., & Freiling, J., Migrant and Diaspora Entrepreneurs as Source for Dynamic Creation in Berlin´s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, MDE2015, 14.-15. Dezember, 2015, Bremen, Germany.



  • Innovation Quarter  -
  • Organisation eGS-Neukonzeption „Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre“ - 
  • Organisation des 14. Bremer Unternehmertages (17. Mai 2018)
  • Organisation Workshop on Urban Startup Ecosystem (19. Juli 2017) 
  • Organisation des 12. Bremer Unternehmertages (12. Mai 2016)


  • Best Paper Award, 5th International Conference on Entrepreneurship for the XXI Century. Images and Perspectives, 15 - 16 November 2018, Warsaw (Poland).
  • Wiwib Best Research Papers on SME Management 2017 (Bremen, Germany).