Mittelstand 4.0

Helping SMEs with digitization

The SME 4.0 Competence Center Bremen focuses its activities on small and medium-sized enterprises from the northwest of Germany and supports them in meeting the challenges of digitization. For more information, simply click on the image to the right and you will be taken directly to the homepage.

The project simply explained

The term business model is often equated with strategy, but a business model is rather the link between the corporate strategy and the business processes in the company. It describes the basic enterprise architecture.

A business model answers the following questions:
What is my offering to the customer?
Who is my customer and how do I communicate with them?
How is the service provided?
How is revenue generated and how do transactions take place?

A digital business model also follows these basic questions. Each element of the four areas generates information that can be collected, processed, analysed or communicated further. However, digital business models differ from traditional ones in one crucial feature: the use of digital technologies.