2019 Nevaf Ciftci

Aman Baunthiyal from Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India visiting Prof. Dr. Jens Falta

Febuary 2019

The main objective of my visit was to study the morphological characteristics of vanadium dioxide(VO2) films on various different substrates using scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM). The surface physics lab of Prof. Dr. Falta provides the ideal environment and techniques for surface characterization of materials. Samples of VO2/TiO2 (110), VO2/TiO2 (001) and VO2/ RuO2 were characterized in STM. Besides that, I also had the opportunity to learn other techniques for surface characterization, i.e. LEEM, XPS and LEED. I am sure that the experience that I have gained during the internship will be very helpful in my future research work. Furthermore, I applied for a PhD position in the surface physics group.

I am very grateful to MAPEX for the great opportunity for my research stay in the group of Prof. Dr. Jens Falta at University of Bremen in Feb-March 2019. I am thankful to Prof. Dr. Jens Falta for giving me such an opportunity, also Dr. Jon-Olaf Krisponeit and Simon Fischer for helping me in research work and during my stay in university guest house.

Aman Baunthiyal
Aman Baunthiyal
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