Funded Projects


Paulina Abril Villagomez Mondragon
Rabbia Naz
  • Paulina Abril Villagómez Mondragón from International Laboratory of Environment Electron Devices (LAIDEA) more >
  • Rabbia Naz more >


Wagner A. Alves
Wagner A. Alves
  • Dr. Wagner A. Alves from Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro Instituto de Quimica more >


Nevaf Ciftci
Nevaf Ciftci
Aman Baunthiyal
Aman Baunthiyal
Baris Demir
Baris Demir
Alejandra Ramos Vences
Alejandra Ramos Vences
Jairo Nolasco
Jairo Nolasco
Sourabh Kumar
Grazia Leonzio
Grazia Leonzio
Juan Ignacio Goizueta
Juan Ignacio Goizueta
  • Nevaf Ciftci (Leibniz IWT) visiting Prof. Yodoshi Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Materials at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan     more >
  • Aman Baunthiyal from Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India visiting Jens Falta    more >
  • Dr. Baris Demir from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia visiting Prof Dr Lucio Colombi Ciacchi    more >
  • Alejandra Ramos Vences, from Science of Sustainable Materials, ENES Morelia UNAM, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico, Host at University of Bremen: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gutowski   more >
  • Dr. Jairo C. Nolasco Montano from Research Center on Micro and Nanotechnology MICRONA, Veracruz University, Mexico   more >
  • Sourabh Kumar from Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Kamand, Host at University of Bremen: Prof. Dr. Tim Stauch   more >
  • Grazia Leonzio, form University of L' Aquila, Host at University of Bremen: Zondervan Edwin  more >
  • Juan Ignacio Goizueta from National University of Mar del Plata, Host at University of Bremen: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Gesing   more >


Wilken Seemann
Funded Projects
  • Wilken Seemann (Institute of Solid State Phycics) visiting the National School of Higher Studies Unit Morelia, National Autonomous University of Mexico (ENES Morelia UNAM), 17 January  - 8 May 2018    more >
  • MagdalenaThode visiting the Assambly of the Committee of Space Research (COSPAR) in the US, July 2018 more >
  • Marcus Stuckenholz visiting Dr. Kenneth Kroenlein (NIST - Thermodynamic Research Center, Boulder, CO, USA), July 2018 more >


Filip Formalik and Micheal Fischer
Andrea Kirsch
Alba Martos Carmí
  • Filip Formalik (Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland) visiting Dr. M. Fischer (FB5, Crystallography), 2 October - 26 October 2017    more >
  • Andrea Kirsch (Solid State Chemical Crystallography) visiting the Hercules European School (Université Grenoble Alpes), 27 February  - 30 March 2017    more >
  • Alba Martos Carmí (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain) visiting Dr. K. Koschek (IFAM), 1 February - 28 February 2017    more >


Joaquin Hernán Ubogui
Simona Keil
Eliseo Marin Rimoldi
Moritz Ewert
Christopher Campbell
Monika Michaelis
Tobias Bollhorst
  • Joaquin Hernán Ubogui (Universidad Mar del Plata, Argentinia) visiting Prof. T. M. Gesing (FB2, Solid State Chemical Crystallography), 7 November - 25 November 2016    more >
  • Simona Keil (IAPC) visiting Prof. J. F. Weaver (University of Florida, USA),
    1 August - 15 October 2016    more >
  • Eliseo Marin Rimoldi (University of Notre Dame, USA) visiting Dr. Daniela Kerlé (FB4, Technische Thermodynamik), 12 August  - 22 August 2016    more >
  • Moritz Ewert (IFP-Surface Physics) visiting Prof. J. V. Lauritsen (Aarhus University, Denmark), 1 August  - 31 August 2016    more >
  • Christopher Campbell (University of Strathclyde) visiting Dr. Michael Fischer (FB5, Crystallography), 22 May  - 29 May 2016    more >
  • Monika Michaelis (BCCMS) visiting Prof. Carole Perry (Nottingham Trent University, UK), 1 February - 29 February 2016    more >
  • Tobias Bollhorst (Advanced Ceramics) visiting Prof. K. Dawson (University College Dublin), 18 January - 15 February 2016    more >


Nils Hildebrand
Mariano Curti
  • Nils Hildebrand (BCCMS) visiting Prof. Giovanni Bussi in Trieste, Italy, 22 November - 4 December 2015     more >
  • Mariano Curti from Argentina visiting the group of Prof. Thorsten Gesing, 4 October - 10 October 2015      more >
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