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XRD single crystal

General information

Bruker D8 Venture Kappa-diffractometer
MAPEX Category
Near- / Subsurface Properties, Material Properties
XRD, single crystal diffraction, single crystal orientation
Measured Quantity
Unit cell of single crystals; Orientation of single crystals; X-ray diffraction data for single crystal structure analysis
Main Application
Single crystal diffraction for crystal structure analysis
Year of Fabrication

Instrument specification


Fast 4-circle Kappa-diffractometer with monochromatic Mo K_alppha radiation and 2D detector.
Typically complete difraction data sets may be obtained for crystal structure analysis of single crystals of about 100-400 µm diameter.
Determination of orientation only is also possible for large crystals up to several mm. Extremely small amounts of powder may be subjected to rotation measurements to achieve powder patterns (however, with rather low resolution in reflection widths) - usually use powder XRD for small samples due to better resolution.
Typical single crystals may be subjected to non-ambient temperature (not routine, no calibration yet, Sept. 2015) from -100 to 1000°C.

Newsletter Supplement:
01: Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer


Contact person

Johannes Birkenstock
Fachbereich 5
GEO 2300
Phone 218-65165

Michael Wendschuh
Fachbereich 5
GEO 5080
Phone 218-65167

Principal Investigator
Fischer, Reinhard X.
Gesing, Thorsten
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