Symposium 2021

Beyond solar cells: new approaches to radiation conversion

MAPEX Symposium 2021: 29 - 30 September 2021

This online workshop aims at bringing together expertise on alternative sources, techniques and materials for radiative energy conversion beyond conventional solar cells. It addresses a wide range of applications including space technologies, radiation therapy, clean energy generation and more.

The workshop will comprise

  • invited talks by internationally renowned speakers

  • poster contributions, including a short oral presentation in advance in dedicated pitch sessions and poster awards for the best presentations

  • an informal live meeting on Wednesday afternoon in Bremen, if the pandemic situation allows.

Online event

Call for posters

open until 19 September 2021!

Poster awards for the best presentations.


Invited speakers

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Judith Maschke

Judith Maschke, artec Sustainability Research Center, Uni Bremen

Changes in the energy consumption of private households due to the production and the use of renewable energies

In order to achieve the goals of the German energy transition changes in the energy consumption of private households are also required. In this context, efficiency, consistency and…

Susan Schorr

Prof. Dr. Susan Schorr, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Ternary nitrides - a disorder tunable material

Susan Schorr1,2

1Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Abteilung Struktur und Dynamik von Energiematerialien

2Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für geologische Wissenschaften

Ternary nitrides ZnMIVN2 (MIV= Ge,Sn) are being…

Aims and Scope

Harvesting sunlight with semiconductor-based solar cells is without a doubt one of the most important technologies to tackle energy generation as an alternative to or in the absence of fossil fuels. As such, energy-conversion devices such as photovoltaics are critical for generating electricity both to achieve the energy transition on earth as well as for space applications. While electromagnetic radiation from the sun constitutes the major source of convertible radiative energy, other types of radiation can potentially be harvested as well. This includes proton radiation from the sun, radiation from nuclear waste or other types of ionizing radiation. Likewise, conventional solar cells can be substituted or supplemented by alternative energy conversion devices like organic or perovskite solar cells, betavoltaic cells or other advanced materials that interact with ionizing radiation in a predictable and usable way.


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