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Catia Monteiro

Catía Monteiro, M.Sc.

I studied Aquatic Sciences at the University of Porto, Portugal, and completed a master degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation through an Erasmus Mundus programme from the universities of Ghent, Belgium; Oviedo, Spain and Algarve, Portugal.

I am interested in the responses of marine macroalgae to environmental stress. More specifically, how they acclimate to local heterogeneity and how are they likely to endure ongoing climate change. I apply several methods ranging from physiological measurements to gene expression through the use of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). During my master thesis I worked with Fucus guiryi, an intertidal brown algae distributed along the coast of Portugal, on the topic “The protective role of canopy forming species against environmental stress”. I am currently pursuing my PhD under the title “Transcriptional bases of acclimation in an abundant kelp, Saccharina latissima, from gametophytes to sporophytes”.