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Philipp Laeseke

Philipp Laeseke, M.Sc.

I studied Biology and Marine Biology at the University of Bremen and focused already during the Bachelor program on seaweed related topics. 

At the moment I am working on species distributions under climate change with a focus on possible invaders to Antarctica. Therefore I make predictions of habitat suitability under present day and future climate conditions by using correlative modelling techniques and conducting physiological experiments. Like that, the correlative modelling approach is enhanced by physiological knowledge of a species’ fundamental niche, which allows to better understand mechanisms affecting a species’ distributional range. I focus on species which occur in South America (Chile, Tierra del Fuego) and predict potential suitable habitats for these species on the Antarctic Peninsula.

In the past I worked on cold-temperate and polar seaweeds in Iceland (study on invasive Fucus serratus), Spitsbergen (canopy effects on underwater light regime and kelp spores) and Chile (UV-tolerance of floating Durvillaea antarctica under climate change).


PhD project:

Probability of Seaweed invasions into Antarctica (SINVA): Invasiveness vs. invasibility

Funded by the DFG priority program on Antarctic Research

Cooperation partners: Universidad de Magallanes, Punta Arenas, Chile / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain