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Sebastian Böckmann

Sebastian Böckmann, MSc

Research interests

During my academic education so far, I’ve been concerned with the trophic level of zooplankton. I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis about the dial vertical migration (DVM) of zooplankton organisms in the Baltic Sea and my Master’s thesis with a mixed approach (genetics and morphology) on the relationship of Cladocera in the North- and Baltic Sea. Currently, I’m working on my dissertation at University of Bremen and the AWI Bremerhaven. 


The topic of my dissertation is The influence of Krill and Salp Populations on Iron limited Regions of the Southern Ocean. I work on recycling processes of iron, mediated by krill and salps and the availability of this recycled iron for phytoplankton cells. The beginning of my dissertation was the 1stof February 2018. 


Böckmann, S.; Seidler, M.; Schubert, H.; Kube, S. (2018) Population genetics of two allopatric (North Sea and Baltic Sea) populations of Evadne nordmanni(Podonidae): Similarities and differences. International Review of Hydrobiology.


Between March and May 2018, I participated in a Polarsternexpedition to the Western Antarctic Peninsula to gather samples and perform experiments for my dissertation.