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International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) is around the corner!

One of the perks of the pre-Christmas season is the annual International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS).

ICIS is the leading conference for research on the management of digital technology and its proceeding are ranked “A” in the VHB Jourqual 3 journal ranking list. We are very much looking forward to the 40th ICIS in Munich, which will be held from December 15-December 18 and our team is participating in numerous activities at and around ICIS.

Lauri Wessel and Bart van den Hoof are organizing the 8th pre-ICIS workshop on “The Changing Nature of Work” on December 15th. Two amazing keynotes by Manju Ahuja as well as Michael Barrett will accompany a program of 27 high quality papers distributed across nine round tables and paper pitches. Program and papers can be found here:

Also on December 15th, Lauri Wessel will be a panelist at the “Organizing Biodata” workshop organized by Sirkka Järvenpää (University of Texas at Austin) and Hannes Rothe (Freie Universität Berlin). Professor Wessel will join stellar scholars Brian Pentland, Panos Constantinides, and Anna Essen in the morning panel. 

Throughout the following three days, our schedules includes numerous activities to engage and advance our scholarly community. Activities include the editorial board meeting of the “Communications for the Association of Information Systems” hosted by Jan Recker (University of Cologne) where Lauri Wessel is an Associate Editor. Furthermore, Lauri Wessel will chair a paper session on “Health Data Ecosystems” and present his own paper “Persistent Paradoxes in Pluralistic Organizations: A Case Study of Continued Shadow-IT use in a French Hospital” on Tuesday, December 17th at 2.30 pm in Room “12 a/b”. The paper can be found here:


We are looking forward to seeing you in Munich!