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Bachelor & Master Thesis

Thinking about writing your thesis?

You would like to write a thesis (bachelor or master thesis) with us? We appreciate your interest!

Information about theses in the 2022 summer semester:

Due to high demand and limited supervisory positions, there will be a thesis application process for the 2022 summer semester. Please note the following guidelines and deadlines:

  • Please submit a thesis exposé by March 31, 2022. No exposés will be accepted after this date.
  • After careful review of your exposé, you will receive a confirmation or rejection of supervision in early - mid-April. The acceptance depends on the quality and feasibility of your exposé.
  • During the first weeks of lectures in April (exact date to be announced), a kick-off event will take place. Participation in this event is obligatory; failure to attend will result in forfeiture of the supervision agreement.
  • All further supervision steps and dates will be determined individually between the supervisor and the candidate.


You can apply to one of the suggested topics or propose your own topic.

Current topics include:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Opportunities and challenges of human and AI collaboration
  • Stereotypical perceptions about artificial intelligence among employees

Digitization & Innovation

  • Remote work and creativity
  • Digital Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Idea development in virtual teams

Digitization & Health

  • Effects of constant accessibility on mental/physical health
  • Work-life balance in times of digital work
  • Remote work and health

Proposals of own topics with clear relation to the research topics of the working group are preferred.


To apply for a thesis, please first submit an exposé of your proposed research. The exposé is a sketch of the planned work, similar to an architectural design for the construction of a house.

It should be no more than 3 pages long (excluding references and indexes) and should include the following elements:

  • Introduction: describe the general phenomenon or topic and why it is important to investigate.
  • State of the Research: explain what is known about the topic, what has been studied in the literature in this area to date, and why this topic is of interest for study.
  • Problem Statement: explain the specific question that will be addressed within the topic.
  • Approach/methodology: briefly describe how you will proceed with your thesis. What methods do you plan to use? Also reference what appropriate theory(s) may help answer your problem.
  • Literature: at least 10 references, preferably from high quality journals.


Submit your exposé via e-mail: moteamprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Need further information? Download all the information you need right here!