In May each year we e-mail to all applicants the information on acceptance into our master programme. After this e-mail you will receive from our secretaries to students international an official letter of acceptance in which the missing documents are mentioned.

In accordance with international treaties and agreements, Germany does not require a visa from citizens of the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the USA. Citizens of all other nations have to obtain a visa to enter Germany. Three types of visa are available: a language course visa, a student applicant visa and a student visa.

Language course visa:
A language course visa cannot be changed into a student visa.

Student applicant visa:
A student applicant visa is valid for three months only. The German diplomatic representation in your home country issues this type of visa only to students who have not yet received notification of admission to the institution of higher education to which they have applied. After admission, the student applicant visa has to be changed into a student visa.

Student visa:
A student visa is valid for one year. This type is the only one valid for a course of study other than a short-term language course in Germany.

To obtain a student visa or student applicant visa, please visit the German diplomatic representation in your home country. To apply you will have to present a valid passport, your letter of acceptance at the University of Bremen and a proof of your financial resources or support. Please contact the German diplomatic representation in your home country for more details concerning the application requirements and procedure.


 Before leaving your home country please make sure that you have with you:

  1. a valid passport containing your student applicant visa to Germany (not a tourist visa!!)
  2. the letter of acceptance
  3. a proof of financial security, financial resources or financial support
  4. the original and certified English translation of your birth certificate as well as the missing documents according to your letter of acceptance


You may wish to bring with you:

  • your personal medicines and favoured remedies
  • your insurance documents (if available) and your vaccination records
  • rain and windproof clothing
  • traveller's cheques and some cash (EURO) to cover initial expenses upon arrival in Germany
  • your international driver's licence (if available)
  • some passport photographs
  • your address book
  • a power plug and a voltage converter, if required, to match your electronic equipment to the German electricity supply (230 V/10 or 20 A/50 Hz