It would be perfect if you could arrive in Bremen and a room or an apartment is waiting for you. Unfortunately, German public institutions of higher education generally do not offer student residences on campus. Students have to find by themselves a place to live. Since all the new students of the University of Bremen are looking for a nice and low-priced apartment to rent at the beginning of the term, the hunt for accommodation may turn out to be a quite exhausting activity. If you want to bring your family, we strongly advise you to find accommodation first, i.e. before you move your family to Bremen. It is preferable that you start looking for an apartment even before you leave your home country.

Organise in advance

The University of Bremen maintains a limited number of affordable, furnished rooms and apartments off campus. To obtain accommodation in one of these student residences, you have to apply directly to the "Studentenwerk" (Student Welfare Service / Student Union) using their application form. But do not count on this option.

These student houses are located within walking distance to the university campus and students' clubs. The latter promote social interactions with other students and emanate an international flair. Some residences also offer family accommodation. All rooms and apartments are furnished and include a small kitchen and bathroom; however, the Student Welfare Service (Student Union) does not provide bed linen, towels, tableware or cooking utensils. The rent is between 250 and 350 Euro per month, including costs for heating, water and electricity.

However, it is important to know that currently available student residences offer accommodation for less than 10% of all students in Bremen. Therefore do not rely on your chance of obtaining one of these highly preferred rooms !!!! Also note that you will only be informed if Student Welfare Service (Student Union) succeeds in finding a place for you. If you do not hear from them, you are still left without accommodation.

Private student residences also let furnished rooms at reasonable prices. The Student Welfare Service keeps/holds the addresses of private student residences on record. Please contact Mr Andreas Prochnow (email: andreas.prochnowprotect me ?!stw-bremenprotect me ?!.de) or Ms Ilse Wohlers (email: ilse.wohlersprotect me ?!stw-bremenprotect me ?!.de) or the updated vacancy lists. You will contact the landlord yourself, in order to obtain detailed information.

If you have to look for a room after your arrival in Bremen, we strongly recommend that you arrive in Germany well before the semester begins. Once lectures have started, most rooms will be rented. The earlier you come before the semester starts, the better your chances to find a room. If you have no accommodation immediately before your arrival in Bremen, try to arrange for interim housing.

Looking for long-term accommodation while you are in Bremen 

A popular option is to "share a flat". Sometimes there are vacant places in already shared flats. In this case there is no need to organise a new group in order to live in a shared apartment. To get such a room, you have to make an appointment with the other occupants to introduce yourself. The occupants will then decided whether you can move in. Depending on the particular situation at hand, you will then make a contract either with one of the tenants, who is main party to the rental contract, or with the landlord.

Besides the flats rented out by private persons, there are also a couple of estate agencies which lease flats. These agencies are not estate agents in the normal sense, because they only mediate between landlords and tenants. Such companies usually own whole buildings, or even blocks of the flats where rented flats are concentrated. A caretaker and gardener are often employed for such a block. In some cases, a concierge service is also available (this is very unusual in Germany).