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Students Impressions

Photo Christmas tree
First Christmas in Germany, December 2018

I come from India and it was my first time abroad. Not just the city of Bremen hosted me well; the BMB master’s program is outstanding. There was focus on practical skills and how to incorporate a habit of creative thinking in students. An excellent overview was given in the form of short courses about most of the techniques equipped in the University. The professor were approachable and my colleagues extremely friendly. To put it in simple words, a thorough and elaborate curriculum yet enjoyable. The city is also a cozy, small and English speaking city.


Photo Manfred Anim

Prior to being an international student, I was interested in undertaking a masters programme that gives me the flexibility to choose a courses  that prepares me for the needs of tomorrow's science and this is exactly  what this programme offered. The extensive laboratory work  coupled with practicals and presentation does not only equip  students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills  but also help students in solving daily scientific related problems.

The willingness of the Faculty members to help students is something to be envied. This provides the enabling environment for teaching and learning.