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NumberDate of defenseName of master studentTitle of master thesis
4025th November, 2008Sandeep Kumar BotlaDNA methylation pattern in breast cancer leading to epigenetic signature of breast cancer
3924th November, 2008Rohit Sanjeev NalavadeCapture probe digestion and signal optimization for a ligation based DNA microarray system
3821st October, 2008Alaa Mohamed Ahmed OthmanQuantitative study of the cellular interactions of B-6-16 boron containing liposomes
3713th October, 2008Teja Shripad ShidoreInvestigating the presence of type VI secretion system in Azoarcus sp. strain BH72
369th October, 2008Ketki Ninad TulpuleUptake of ferrous iron by cultured astrocytes
358th October, 2008Soniya Vikas SavantAnalysis of the Lamin A-specific domain in Xenopus embryos and oocytes
346th October, 2008Dipti Milind KelkarRelative quantification of HMGA2 gene expression in fibroadenomas of the breast by quantitative real-time RT-PCR
3320th June, 2008John Paul GrubeSequence specific isolation of DNA using paramagnetic nanobeads containing target specific oligonucleotides
3229th April, 2008Mariette Mourad Youssef Riad Kassabgy16S rRNA-targeted DNA microarrays - a potential routine tool for the high throughput characterization of marine bacterioplanktion communities?
3128th March, 2008 Annett DümmlerApproach to miniaturize electrophysiology
3024th January, 2008Terlumun Thaddeus GbemExpression of recombinant trans-sialidase from Trypanosoma congolense