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NumberDate of defenseName of master studentTitle of master thesis
5317th December, 2010Payal Nandkumar ShahRole of TLR4 signalling in ageing and obesity induced insulin resistance
5215th December, 2010Fardous Kaneer El-SendunyInteraction of Candida albicans with sialic acid-binding immunoglobulin-like lectins (siglecs)
5113th December, 2010Aboli Ranjan Joshi“FISH”ing for Azadinium with quantitative PCR: Resolving the azaspiracid producing Azadinium species complex with molecular maker tools
5015th November, 2010Meenakshi Manohar PrabhuneComparison of mechanical properties of cancer cells and normalcells using Atomic Force Microscope
4912th March, 2010Jaaee Prashant JadhavComparative analysis of cis-regulatory elements in the developmental regulators EScaAG1, EScaAG2 and EcCRC