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Seminar M4ALL: Music for all

Seminar for students of all Faculties

Researching across disciplines and presenting the results in easy-to-understand terms to the people of Bremen

This seminar explicitly addresses students in all Faculties of the University and third-year bachelor students of Cultural Studies (Module 8/9) in particular.

All concert projects undertaken by the Orchestra & Choir of the University of Bremen start with a scientific analysis of the background to the piece. This is not solely about musicology but often also about aspects of art and culture, politics, and religion. This is followed by a public presentation of the results, which takes the form of an introductory lecture held in Haus der Wissenschaft. The results also appear in the program published for each concert and, depending on the project concerned, there may also be a radio broadcast on the topic as well as reports on the internet and/or didactical materials for schools.

Credit points: As a rule, the seminar takes place in the winter semester. Students can obtain up to 9 credit points within the frame of “Complementary Studies” and “General Studies” at the University of Bremen as well as of Module M8/9 in B.A. Cultural Studies.

Information on current projects is always published on the homepage of Orchestra & Choir of the University of Bremen. You can also find examples of previously concluded projects in the Konzertarchiv (only partly available in English) and there especially in the winter semester programs.