Annual meeting of the Mod-Block-DDR research consortium

On 26 September 2022, scientists from the Mod-Block-DDR research consortium met at the TU Berlin. The main aim of this year's summit was to synthesise the respective results of the sub-projects and to prepare the joint publication. An edited volume will bring the joint work of several years to a successful conclusion towards the end of the first funding phase. At the meeting, the unfortunately necessary Corona-related adjustments were also on the agenda, but this did not distract from the positive outlook for new research projects to follow.

Mod-Block-DDR is a research consortium involving around 30 researchers at four university locations in Germany (Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt/Oder, Jena) and at locations of the cooperation partners (Bydgoszcz, Montreal, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw). The projects are dedicated to researching the causes of the socio-economic disparities between East and West Germany that persist to this day, as well as the role of science and innovation under state socialism, during the transformation and today. The interdisciplinary network began its work on 1 December 2018 and is funded by the BMBF in the first funding period until 2022. The research consortium is particularly concerned with promoting young academics.

Gruppenfoto Konsortialtreffen Mod-Block-DDR