Online colloquium successfully held again in summer semester 2021

In spring 2020, soon after the Covid 19 pandemic broke out in Germany, we started the innovative format of a digital colloquium in our Mod-Block-DDR research consortium. The trigger was necessity: Despite obstacles we wanted to continue our scientific exchange within the network. Originally intended only as a temporary solution, the Mod-Block-DDR Colloquium has proven its worth and continues to demonstrate its advantages to this day – which will persist beyond the pandemic.

In the summer semester of 2021, several Mod-Block sub-projects also presented new research outcomes within the network for discussion. In addition, the cooperation partners Till Düppe (CIRST/ Montréal) and Till Hilmar (University of Bremen) presented their research projects. For more information, see our colloquium schedule in the summer semester 2021...

In the forthcoming winter semester 2021/22, the colloquium will be organised by the project members of TU Berlin.


Mod-Block DDR starts online colloquium