Look forward to DJ SMILES and DJ ALEX RUTHLESS!
The DJ brings the end of the evening!

North bass? Bremen bass? Call his sound whatever you want. One thing is for sure: it's all about the finest global bass. Since "Bing Boom Bang", the charismatic DJ has made a name for himself with all bass lovers in Bremen and the surrounding area, as he puts a big grin on the faces of dance enthusiasts with his genre-spanning global sounds.

On Saturday night, DJ Alex Ruthless will get the crowd dancing!


We are really looking forward to the beats of the two!




Today’s the day we present our
top act MAJAN.

MAJAN takes rap and hip hop far beyond genre boundaries.
He combines unmistakable storytelling with urban pop, rap, reggae vibes, and classical ballads on the piano.

Because he’s not just a rapper or a singer – he’s a self-made man, an artist, a storyteller.
He talks about his homeland, offers an insight into his everyday life, his Tuckk-r-up gang, and his family. He takes his listeners on taxi rides, to parties, and time and again, to what really moves him.

His sound: always effortless, always different, always creative – but never forced, contrived, or calculated.

He made his debut in March 2019 with a bang: his successful single “1975” with rap star Cro was followed by the founding of his own label, including Majordeal, a supporting act on tour for Max Herre, and appearances at splash!, HYPE, and the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. His exceptional talent even saw him win the New Music Award 2019.

From urban pop songs, rap, and reggae vibes to classical ballads on the piano – his music is making waves in the hip-hop scene.
Join us in welcoming MAJAN.


Culinary diversity will be there again this year!

  • Crepes und Schmalzkuchen
  • Die Quarkerei
  • Falafelqueen
  • Vegan and meatburger by Simple Burger
  • Pizza il Posto Guisto
  • Bauckhof
  • Coffee Bike Bremen


Sampagne represents the new generation of German rap!

He delivers the new wave sound from Berlin. With a mix of trap, drill rap, and influences spanning UK garage to house music, his music is multifaceted and unique.

With more than 300,000 monthly listeners, a total stream count of more than eight million in the top five tracks on Spotify alone, and a personal release day streaming record for the release of his latest single “van gogh,” Sampagne is just getting started, and the only way from here is up.

Another Open Campus act has now been confirmed – PANTHA!

PANTHA – in-your-face German lyrics and atmospheric beats combined with organic instruments and whispered vocals!

The 22-year-old artist delivers German lyrics and modern beats, which she combines with organic instruments and vocals that are often only whispered – plus an atmospheric, almost claustrophobic-intimate edgy sound, which she herself calls dark pop.

Pantha combines her DIY sound of German lyrics and atmospheric beats with contrasts and contradictions to create an independent mix – with a self-confident lightness that is seldom encountered. Especially within German pop music.

She does not deliver flowery metaphors, worn-out stereotypes, or cheap phrases. What she has to say, she expresses ruthlessly and openly in her songs – sometimes verging on brutally open. Pantha doesn’t mince words, but reflects uncompromisingly on what’s going on inside herself. The singer and musician loves playing with rough edges. Even if they hurt.

It’s no wonder, then, that she says about herself: “I think my songs reflect all facets of life: it’s never one-dimensional, but often beautiful and also somehow scary at the same time.”

It’s sure to be a great concert!

Guided Tours and Lectures Online!

Starting today, free tickets for the OPEN CAMPUS guided tours are available.
From the top of the drop tower to the Mensa cafeteria, there’s a lot to discover at the University of Bremen.

Tickets are limited!
You can find the full program here!


GENTLEMAN to Headline Open Campus 2023!

It’s finally time!
We’re finally allowed to announce that GENTLEMAN will be headlining this year’s Open Campus at the University of Bremen!

Known as the country’s first and only A-list reggae ambassador – and not least thanks to his participation in the fourth season of “Sing mein Song” – the reggae artist has made a name for himself far beyond the German music scene.

Now he has released his first German-language album “Blaue Stunde.” The reggae artist describes the result of the creative challenge in which he moves out of his musical comfort zone as “another gimmick.” The striking naturalness and weightlessness he achieves is amazing – and this goes beyond just the linguistic switchover!

That’s why we’re all the more excited about his concert on Saturday evening!

On we go with the very finest poetry slam from SLAMMER FILET!

We are looking forward to lively contributions and eloquent wit, which does not shy away from criticism of our society!

SLAMMER FILET offers poetry slam at its best and has been inviting the best poetry slammers of the German-speaking world to Bremen since 2008, now also for the third time to the Open Campus!

This year, the artists Florian Wintels, Lina Klöpper, Aidin Halimi and Alina Schmolke will be taking part. The spectacle will be moderated by Sebastian Butte.


Director Of Design

IL Civetto

Look forward with us to the Berlin IL CIVETTO!
And here we go! Today we can present you the first great band!

The Berlin-based band il Civetto has reinvented itself in the spirit of pop – and global pop, too!

Their universal melting pop breaks with Western cultural dominance and draws its energy from the open experimental laboratories of the Berlin techno scene. The energy and beats of Berlin’s nightlife are transformed into big pop by means of a rock band. Hypnotic beats and melodies electrify the air.
Il Civetto’s career so far: a game by its own rules

Pagodenstraße auf dem OPEN CAMPUS

This year, the campus will be vivid and booming for two days.

On Friday, June 23, starting at 6 p.m., the Uni Festival with Bremen Next will take place for the first time. Look forward to cool music with three artists on stage.
Spend a relaxing evening with friends in the campus park listening to German hip-hop beats.
Get excited about who will be on stage. Further information about the artists will follow soon.

On Saturday, June 24, we will start at 12 p.m. with the well-known program of guided tours, information tents, lectures, and the Children’s Campus.
The two-day event culminates in the stage program, which begins at 5:30 p.m.
As is tradition, we will also have a big top act on stage in the evening. 
We will be releasing the lineup soon.

On both days, there will also be a wide range of different food and drink stands.