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Faculty 8 - Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Changing Politics and Societies: Social Science Perspectives in Bremen on Living Together in Diversity, Social Inequality, and Political Participation in Local and International Contexts

In a joint pagoda, the degree courses and research institutes of the social sciences present their research topics in a colorful program: in addition to exhibitions of current teaching and research findings and information on study opportunities in Faculty 8, there are many opportunities to participate and try out. Additionally, small group discussions and short lectures invite all visitors to talk to our students and scientists about current topics in politics, history, geography, and sociology and ask questions!


Social Sciences for Participation and Puzzling

What actually is poverty? And how are different countries going to fight it and make a good life possible for all people? How do our cities change when people from all over the world live together as next-door neighbors? How do the politicians in the European Union agree on what is important for Europe? And what influence do social changes and conflicts in a region of the world have on what happens here in our country, and vice versa? The social sciences of the University of Bremen deal with these and other questions!
At the Open Campus, we cordially invite young and young-at-heart visitors to learn more about what the social sciences at the University of Bremen are researching and why it is important for our city, our country, and people all over the world. Aside from a puzzle or quiz or two to be solved, you can express your own opinion or get answers to questions concerning your life in Bremen, Germany, and Europe.

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