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Campus International - We stay connected!

We stay connected!

As an international university, we welcome people from more than 100 countries to study, research, and work on our campus. They enhance our teaching and research and are an important component of our success. Our teaching and research have an international orientation and we are part of a global network.

Studying at the University of Bremen provides you with a variety of international experiences. The University of Bremen promotes and supports all of its members so that they benefit from internationalization, but also contribute to it.

The university has more than 600 partners all over the world. Conscious of its social responsibility, the University of Bremen works together with partners on global challenges and contributes to internationally sustainable development.

Strategic partnerships connect the university with a small number of partner universities. These include the University of Cardiff, with which the Bremen-Cardiff Alliance was founded in 2018.

The University of Bremen is a founding member of the Young European Research Universities (YERUN) network and a partner in the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance, which has set itself the ambitious goal of establishing a European university in a collaboration with nine other universities in Europe.