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Media – Videos & Podcasts on international topics

Teaser “International Family Affairs”

kompass podcast

The kompass podcast has three exciting and international episodes on the topics of “International Family Affairs”, “Exam Period”, and “Living in Bremen”! With the help of an expert, we offer tips for the exam period, speak with international guests about their life in Bremen, and offer an insight into life in a typical student flat-share in Bremen.

You can listen to our podcast via the following streaming services:




Pocket Casts

Radio Public

Uni Bremen campus tour

Uni Bremen campus tour

Have you ever wondered what the Uni Bremen campus looks like and what there is to be discovered?

Then we have the perfect video for you!

International Day 2016 - Universität Bremen

International Day 2016

A brief insight into our internationality

The University of Bremen is a cosmopolitan, international university. International Day, which has been held every year since 2012, is further proof of that: There are currently 20,000 students from 120 different countries studying here. The University of Bremen’s international network encompasses more than 500 cooperation partners where students can complete their stays abroad and scholars can research and teach.

International Day allows visitors to take a peek behind the scenes of the various committees, specialist departments, and cultural associations represented at the information booths and on the stage.


YUFE Schnack Titelbild

Campus Europa

A DAAD podcast

An interview with the President of the YUFE Alliance’s Student Forum.

Jessica Winter is leading the way when it comes to shaping the European university alliance: the student has been President of the YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Alliance’s Student Forum since August 2020. The YUFE Alliance comprises 10 young universities which have joined forces.

In the interview, Jessica Winter explains which student issues she wants to include in the YUFE decision-making processes and how, what advantages studying at a European university offers students in their everyday lives, and what it is like to be a student sitting on a strategy board alongside experienced higher education politicians.

The podcast and further information are available on the DAAD website.



Diversity and inclusion at the heart of YUFE

A blog by the University of Essex

Essex is one of ten universities in the YUFE Alliance working together with other partners to shape the future of European higher education by establishing a European University that’s open to all.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are at the heart of YUFE’s vision for a cross-European educational landscape. Karen Bush, Head of YUFE’s D&I work package, explains more in this video.

The video and further information are available on the University of Essex website.

Introducing HERE AHEAD

Introducing HERE AHEAD

Academy for Higher Education Access Development Bremen

As a unique cooperation between all the state universities in the Federal State of Bremen, the HERE AHEAD academy offers a Preparatory Studies Program for prospective international students with and without a refugee background. Alongside language classes up to the required C1 level, the participants in the :here studies and :prime programs have access to professional preparation – directly in their intended future field of study – as well as a tailored mentoring program.

Participants present HERE AHEAD academy

Participants present HERE AHEAD academy

Academy Higher Education Access Development Bremen

Almost 600 participants from 19 counties have already completed or are soon set to complete the program. These include Hanh Nhi Nguyen from Vietnam, Buse Gül from Turkey, Pablo Montalvan from Ecuador, and Tatiana Mensing from Peru, who give us brief insights into their countries and cultures, inviting you to experience them too.

Impressions from University fair 2019

University fair – Studying and internships abroad

This event offers students an opportunity to find out about their options for studying and internships abroad at various information booths. In addition to the International Office, internal university organizations such as the Career Center, the Language Center, and the Confucius Institute as well as external placement organizations and student initiatives such as the Erasmus Initiative, IAESTE, and AIESEC will be providing information on all topics related to studying and interning abroad.

In addition, the fair offers interested students a comprehensive program of talks. More than 20 info sessions will cover all the relevant topics for students: from an introduction to funding programs to applying for Erasmus, organizing an internship abroad, and presenting department-specific exchange opportunities, to studying in China, North America, Latin America, Australia, or New Zealand. A whole range of topics are covered.

In this video, you can experience the whole 2019 university fair in just one minute.

University fair 2019 - Student Lounge

University fair – Studying and internships abroad

Student Lounge

Impressions of the Student Lounge and the focus topic YUFE. The Student Lounge allowed interested students to ask fellow students who had already studied or completed an internship abroad about their experiences. Visiting students at the University of Bremen at the time also provided information about their home countries and universities.


Our Research Ambassadors

Since the summer semester of 2015, 11 research alumni have been specifically selected as Research Ambassadors to represent the university around the world and promote the research work conducted here. They are spread across different departments, research areas and geographic locations.

The 11 appointed Research Ambassadors should represent the university, its strengths, and its agility abroad and be contact partners for those interested in studying or conducting research in Bremen. In addition, where possible, they should also help to establish a network of alumni and researchers from the University of Bremen in the countries where they will be doing research and teaching after their stay in Bremen. The Research Ambassadors themselves are researchers at different stages of their academic careers with strong emotional ties and excellent knowledge of the University of Bremen as well as the federal state and surrounding region.

Meet 8 of our Research Ambassadors in short videos! You can access further information here.

Some of our Research Ambassodors:

Dr. Natasha Zaun from the U.K.

Dr. Natascha Zaun - Research Ambassador from the United Kingdom

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kolyang from Cameroon

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kolyang - Research Ambassador from Cameroon

Prof. Dr. Alex B. Makulilo from Tanzania

Prof. Dr. Alex B. Makulilo - Research Ambassador from Tanzania

Prof. Dr. Rozena Maart from South Afrika

Prof. Dr. Rozena Maart - Research Ambassador from South Africa

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enzo Frazzon from Brazil

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enzo Frazzon - Research Ambassador from Brazil

Dr. Alejandra Castro-Carranza from Mexico

Dr. Alejandra Castro-Carranza - Research Ambassador from Mexico

Prof. Dr. Donald Bruce from Canada

Prof. Dr. Donald Bruce - Research Amabassador from Canada

Prof. Dr. Yanbing Mao from China

Prof. Dr. Yanbing Mao - Research Ambassador from China