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Fraunhofer MEVIS

Neues Gebäude von Fraunhofer Mevis an der Uni Bremen

Werkstatt der Digitalen Medizin

Workshop for digital medicine

Fraunhofer MEVIS develops software and IT solutions for the digital medicine of the future. The Institute works together with partners from hospitals, research, and industry to master the rapidly growing complexity in medicine. The focus here is always on people and the goal is to detect illnesses earlier and with greater reliability, to customize treatments specifically for individual patients, and to make therapeutic success measurable.

This requires expertise at many levels: starting from image capture and reconstruction, e. g., with our magnetic resonance imaging equipment, to image processing and analysis, mathematical modeling and simulation, machine learning, and human-computer interaction as well as user experience (UX). At Fraunhofer MEVIS, these competency areas come together in interdisciplinary teams and contribute to transforming research and development results into practical innovations.

For further general information, see our website. In addition, you will find specialized information and other offers for students here, as well as current job announcements.


The beauty of blood flow analysis
The beauty of blood flow analysis
MR-Sequenz Entwickler bei der Arbeit im MRLabor von Fraunhofer MEVIS und der Universität Bremen
MR-Sequence developers at work in the MRLabor at Fraunhofer MEVIS and the University of Bremen