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OHB System AG

OHB – From team of five to global player

Through ambitious expansion work, OHB developed from a ship repair business with five employees to the third-largest provider of aerospace systems in Europe. The vision of company founder Manfred Fuchs – that satellite systems can also be small and inexpensive – played a key role here. With this idea, OHB established itself as an aerospace system provider and remains true to this philosophy even today.

Among other contracts, OHB was commissioned to develop 34 satellites for the European navigation system Galileo, and together with Thales Alenia Space it is supplying the third generation of Meteosat weather satellites. In addition, as a system manager for the asteroid defense mission Hera, under the authority of ESA, OHB is also contributing to protecting the Earth.


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Degree apprenticeships at OHB

Since September 2018, the aerospace company OHB has been offering degree apprenticeships in informatics, integrated into vocational training. The degree apprenticeship in collaboration with Bremen City University of Applied Sciences and the European School Schulzentrum Utbremen starts every winter semester. The degree apprenticeship in Mechatronics/Space Systems Engineering Application, featuring integrated practice, was added in September 2019. This degree apprenticeship at OHB is attractive particularly because of its practical component.

Degree apprenticeships in computer science

In addition to the theoretical parts at the university and the vocational school, students complete two technical projects: In the space robotics module, they program LEGO® robots, and in the practical "ground systems" section they develop future-oriented applications in the area of artificial intelligence (AI).

It takes four years to complete the degree apprenticeship integrated with vocational training. Students earn a Bachelor of Science degree in technical informatics (computer engineering) and complete the training as an IT specialist. The study program also includes an in-house company internship. The goal is a permanent position at OHB.

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Degree apprenticeship in mechatronics:

In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences, OHB offers other theoretical, aerospace-oriented, and practice-oriented modules. Here, students become familiar with the entire spectrum of metal processing, working with electrical components, and additional informatics applications. In the satellite systems module, students build their own small satellites.

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The degree apprenticeship in "Mechatronics/Space Systems Engineering Application," which features integrated practice, takes three-and-a-half years to complete and also includes a six-month internship with the company. Students earn a Bachelor of Engineering degree. The goal here is also a permanent position at OHB


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