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University of Bremen Orchestra & Chorus

Summer semester 2020

Trying out the possibilities and limits of orchestra playing and choir singing via computer

The famous conductor Claudio Abbado has said: "Many people learn to speak, but they do not learn to listen. Self mutual listening is quite an important thing in the life. And the music teaches exactly this."

To play in an orchestra and to sing in a choir lives on the fact that many members play their tones not absolutely properly, but constantly reacting to what they hear from the other choral or orchestra members and sing and play then in relation to that.

Today this is not yet practical via computer due to technology. Though we can send and receive signals by computer, the delays by the transference of the acoustic signals cannot be reduced to a point-exactly concurrent hearing and singing / play from up to 85 members. 

We will try out this semester what may be possible in orchestra playing and choir singing via computer, nevertheless, and where the limitis are. And if it serves only for the fact that we remain in contact, having fun with each other, improving our understanding for technology and appreciate the more making live music after this experience!

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