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Summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/21

Winter semester 2020/21: Hopefully we will play again live music together!

Britten's Being requiem shifted to a later time

Actually, the performance of Benjamin Brittens "War Requiem" was planned for the winter semester 2020/21. Because the work is a challenge, rehearsals should already have had started at the end of the summer semester 2020, that is at the beginning of June 2020. Because this will not be possible to realize, unfortunately, the already planned performance in the Bremen cathedral on the 7th of February 2021 had to be cancelled, too. It is hopefully made up in another year.
Another reason for the changes is, that the "War Requiem" is to be considered as a very serious work. If the corona crisis will be finished in October 2020 and live orchestra & choral rehearsals can take place again, presumably everyone like to celebrate the regained possibility to make live music together. The "War Requiem" does not fit to a celebration.

Programme in the winter semester 2020/21: perhaps Carl Orff's Carmina Burana

Instead Orff's "Carmina Burana" would be very suitable. The subject fits exactly in our time: the wheel of fortune turns in the middle of the bulging life and interrupts this game totally unexpected.


Orchestra in the Summer Semester 2021

The orchestra wanted to cooperate in the summer semester 2020 with SymfUni, Københavns Universitets Symfoniorkester. The common concerts should take place on the 25th of April, 2020 at 20 o'clock in the GW1 auditorium of the university of Bremen and on the 23rd of May, 2020 in "Festsalen" of the university of Copenhagen. In addition the orchestra wanted to travel for the Feast of Ascension to Copenhagen. Anton's Bruckner symphony d minor WAB 100 ("Nullte") should be performed. 

So that the orchestra would already have been ready to concert for this early time in the semester, the rehearsals for the new project already had begun on Wednesday, 5th of February 2020. Weekly since then it had been rehearsed. Some tiny samples can be found on the Instagram account of the university music

Unfortunately, on 11th of March 2020 was the last rehearsal for the time being; the planned concert in Bremen and the concert trip to Copenhagen had to be cancelled. However, both orchestras have agreed to carry out the cooperation, hopefully in 2021. As an appointment for the visit of SymfUni in Bremen the time has been considered from Thursday, 22nd of April to Sunday, 25th of April 2021 with a common concert on Saturday, 24th of April 2021. The return visit in Copenhagen should occur on the Ascension weekend in 2021, from Thursday, 13th till Sunday, 16th of May 2021.

According to current state it would be conceivable to resume the Bruckner's symphony for this exchange for performing. Because the orchestra would also have to be ready to concert in 2021 once again for a very early time in the semester, the rehearsals would have to be begun also like in 2020 already at the beginning of February.

Choir in summer semester 2021

For the choir are concert tours abroad in planning for the summer semesters in 2021 and 2022. For these tours an approx. 1.5 hour a cappella programme is required. It cannot be learnt in one single summer semester. This is why the choir should be already begun this year with the basic setup. We will learn probably three international songs from different countries and activate, moreover, some songs of "Bremen so frei", which we performed already in the summer semester 2017.