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Teamwork and Teamtraining

In the module "Teamwork and Team Training", last semester's exam consisted of creating explanatory videos. The participating students of the bachelor program in business administration worked in small groups on different topics in the field of teamwork and team training, such as different types of teams, crew resource management or different types of training. The resulting videos are very successful and can be viewed here:

20 MB

Types of Teams

From Teams to HRT's and what are they each? What distinguishes them from groups?

48 MB

Big Five

What are the Big Five of teamwork and how does it make good teamwork work?

23 MB

Human Factors

What does the term Human Factor mean? And what does Human Factors Research consist of?

25 MB


What does Crew Resource Management mean? What are the goals & building blocks of CRM? Why is it so important? How has CRM spread and developed?

26 MB

Duisburger CRM

A more advanced CRM model is the Duisburg CRM model. How is it defined?

23 MB

Dynamic Decision Making

What is Dynamic Decision Making? And how is the Loop and FORDEC model related? How can you train dynamic decision making?

40 MB


What does "TAKAI" stand for and what is behind it? How is it trained in HRTs?

42 MB

Types of Team Training

What is Team Training? What does Team Coordination and Adaptation Training, Guided Team Self-Correction or Cross Training consist of?

30 MB

Different Types of Training

How is successful training created? What does KSA stand for? How does information-based training differ from practice-based training and demonstration-based training?