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    Our Teaching

    We offer our teaching in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Business Administration, especially in the field of Behavioural WiWi, and in the Master's programme in Business Psychology.

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The Business Psychology and Human Resources Team


WIWI 1, Room A2320
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-66751
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Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching is characterised by the ideas of encouraging students to critically examine scientific content, motivating them to relate this content to their own working environment and enabling them to apply the content and methods they have developed in practice. It is a strong concern of ours to inspire students in our teaching for personnel and organizational psychology.

Our teaching is based on the following principles:

  • Students should be actively involved by working on real problems from research and practice and being supported in developing independent solutions.
  • In order to demonstrate the practical relevance of the topics of personnel and organizational psychology research, it is important for us to regularly invite professional practitioners.
  • For the active participation of students and the support of self-organized learning processes, our courses include the creation of learning networks, project work, the writing of seminar papers and presentations.
  • Current trends from research are integrated into teaching in order to introduce students to scientific thinking and working and to point out new developments
  • The methodological knowledge is promoted by the integration of different research methods (e.g. statistics, questionnaire studies, observations, etc.) of personnel and organizational psychology into the teaching.

In addition to the lectures and seminars, it is important to us to promote the application of the contents conveyed in practice-oriented seminars in order to prepare the students for the requirements of professional practice already during their studies.

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