Philosophy of Music and of Musicology

We deal with philosophical questions from the border area between music, musical perception and hearing. In doing so, we work together with artists (see the concert "ZeitHören" and the essay "Paradoxien beim Hören") as well as with representatives of empirical-scientific subjects (Cluster of Excellence Hearing4All, Oldenburg).

Furthermore, within the philosophy of musicology(s) we deal with the foundations of musicology. This includes reflections on theoretical assumptions, e.g. its central object (music or musics, whereby philosophy of science touches upon philosophy of music) as well as its aims and methods. The aim hereby is not to examine the individual science only from a philosophical perspective or even to "impose" concepts, but that the topics of discussion come from the subject of music itself. For discussions about the form of musicological research, including reflections and justification strategies regarding the subject matter and method, have been found repeatedly since the founding of musicology as an academic discipline. Thus, current formulations about music as well as musicology are linguistic expressions of different concepts of the design of the discipline and point to any differences or commonalities within the subject. Claims about paradigms and paradigm shifts in musicology also suggest a non-compatibility in the sense of an incommensurability of conceptions.







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