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Thorben Petersen

: Thorben Petersen



My research is primarily focused on the nature of time, but also strays into general metaphysics, the philosophy of physics and meta-semantics.


DFG-Project on The Flow of Time (directed by Prof. Dr. Manfred Stöckler)

Works in Progress

Here is some of my work that is more advanced than other papers, which are still in embryonic states.

  • The Flow of Time (A Book on Fundamentalist and Reductionist Conceptions of Temporality)
  • Listen to The Band (a neo-Aristotelian Contribution to the Metaphysics of Social Groups)
  • An Emergence Theory of Meaning (as Part of a Project in Meta-Semantics with Florian Risch and Wanja Thielmann)
  • Monism and The Persistence of it All (asks how Proponents of Monism should conceive about Persistence)
  • Sharks (A Comment in Consequential and Deontological Accounts of Responsibility)


  • Seminar (2011/12): Emergence
  • Seminar (2011): Inference to the best explanation
  • Seminar (2012): Seminar on Mereology
  • Seminar (2012/13): Philosophy of Language: The Semantics/Pragmatics-Interface
  • Seminar (2013): Plato – The Sophist
  • Seminar (2013/14): Seminar on Laws of Nature
  • Tutorials in Logic
  • Tutorials in Aristotelian Metaphysics
  • Seminar (2014): Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  • Seminar (2014): Semantics (Focus on Tense)
  • Seminar (2014/15): Natural Philosophy - Seminar on Space and Matter
  • Seminar (2015): Phenomenological and Metaphysical Aspects of Memory
  • Seminar (2015): Introduction to Semantics
  • Seminar (2016): The Direction of Time (with Prof. Dr. Manfred Stöckler)
  • Seminar (2016): Introduction to Semantics
  • Seminar (2017): Aristotle on Time (Physics, Book 4)
  • Seminar (2018): Thomas Kuhn: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  • Seminar (2018): Philosophy of Sounds (with Prof. Dr. Manfred Stöckler and Prof. Dr. Georg Mohr)
  • Seminar (2018): Introduction to Semantics
  • Seminar (2019): Newton, Einstein and Theories of Space-Time
  • Seminar (2019/20): Original Texts in Theoretical Philosophy (Frege, Russell, Gettier etc.)


  • “Future Things are already Real” – Putnam’s Eternalism Reconsidered (International Workshop on Temporal Existence and Persistence in Spacetime, Bonn, Germany, February 14/15, 2011)
  • Ubiquitous Tense and the Ontology Room (ESAP 2011 in Milano, Italy)
  • Lorentzian Presentism: Epistemologically confused as well? (Sophia 2011 in Salzburg, Austria)
  • Time’s Passage, Relativity and the Lorentzian Way Out (DG-Phil 2011 in Munich, Germany)
  • Is Lorentz’s Ether Theory Suited to Ground The Privilege of The Present? (DPG 2012, Berlin, Germany)
  • Zur Phänomenologie des (inneren) Zeitbewusstseins (2012, Cognium Bremen)
  • The Language of The Ontology Room (Sophia 2012, Salzburg, Austria)
  • Could Spatiotemporal Objects Possibly Leave Their Regions Behind? (DPG 2013, Jena, Germany)
  • Is There Too Much Philosophy in The Rietdijk/Putnam-Argument? (GWP 2013, Hannover, Germany)
  • St. Augustine’s Question and The Case of Sounds (Sophia 2013, Salzburg, Germany)
  • On The Nature of Ontologically Serious Assertions (GAP-Doktorandenworkshop 2013 “Metaphysik und Methode”, Berlin, Germany)
  • Is ‘Time’ an Analogous Expression? (22.1.2014, Institut für Christliche Philosophie, Innsbruck)
  • What is Passage? (09.01.2014, Philosophisches Kolloquium, Bremen)
  • Correction: What is Passage? (22.01.2014, Institut für Christliche Philosophie, Innsbruck)
  • Reductionism about Tense, Completeness and Explanatory Metaphysical Semantics (as part of a workshop on Tensed versus Tenseless Theories organized with Florian Fischer at the Sophia 2014 conference in Salzburg)
  • Are Laws of Nature Kinds of Being? (DG-Phil 2014 in Münster, Germany)
  • Reductionism about Tense: Completeness and Explanatory Metaphysical Semantics (Salzburg, SOPHIA, 04 September 2014)
  • Neo-Aristotelianism and Relativity (Berlin, DPG, 20 March 2015)
  • Theories of Tense Reduction (Bonn, SPOT-MEETING, 24 March 2015)
  • More on Theories of Tense Reduction (Bonn, SPOT-MEETING, 03 June 2015)
  • Passage, Relativity and The Development of Integral Wholes (Saig, BLACK FORST CONFERENCE FOR PHILOSOPHY OF PHYSICS, 23 July 2015)
  • The Ontology of Pop Groups: A neo-Aristotelian Account (Oxford, INVITATION, 09 November 2015)
  • Identity for Bands Through Time (Bonn, SPOT-MEETING, 03 December 2015)
  • Identity for Bands Through Time (Bonn, SPOT-MEETING, 03 December 2015)
  • Identity for Bands Through Time (Bremen, BREMEN-OSNABRÜCK-WORKSHOP, 09 December 2015)
  • Lewisian Supervenience (Rutgers, METAPHYSICS CLASS, 27 January 2016)
  • Grounding The Passage of Time (Rutgers, METAPHYSICS CLASS, 02 February 2016)
  • Maudlin on The Passing of Time (Rutgers, METAPHYSICS CLASS, 04 April 2016)
  • Towards a Theory of Persistence (Salzburg, SOPHIA, 13 September 2017)
  • Fundamentalism in The Philosophy of Time (Bonn, SPOT-MEETING, 10 November 2017)
  • Sharks (Bremen, PHILOSOPHICAL ARENA, 5 May 2018)
  • If the Whole Realm of Nature were mine, that were a Present far too small (Köln, GAP-SATELLITE WORKSHOP, 22 September 2018)


Articles and Papers
  • Warum Präsentisten und Äternalisten miteinander reden sollten: Zur Formulierbarkeit des Präsentismusstreits, Schmechtig & Schönrich (ed.): Persistenz, Indexikalität, Zeiterfahrung, Ontos (2011)
  • Explicating Eternalism: A Study in Metaontology, Philosophia Naturalis49 (1) (2012)
  • Points Don’t Pass – Against the Identity Theory of Passage, Metaphysica 2014 (2)
  • The Grounding Problem for Eternalism (Philosophical Studies, 2016, 173.7)