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In order to take examinations at the University of Bremen, enrollment and prior registration for the exam is required. Failed examinations in bachelor's and master's degree programs can be repeated within four consecutive semesters. Such and other general regulations are contained in the “General Parts” of the Bachelor and Master Examination Regulations. The “subject-specific examination regulations” describe the content-related structure of studies and include the respective course plan. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the examination regulations. Registration and deregistration, grades and performance summaries are handled technically in “PABO”. For Faculties 1 to 5 (MINT subjects), the administration of examinations takes place in decentralized examination offices: For the Faculties 6 - 12 and Teacher Education, the Central Examination Office (ZPA) is responsible.


Examination offices

Faculties 1-5

Faculty 1
Faculty 2
Faculty 3
Faculty 4 (in German)
Faculty 5

Faculties 6-12 and Teacher Education

Central Examination Office

Credit Points

... are awarded for every passed exam; they indicate the quantitative progress of the study. Up to a master's exam, 300 CP must be acquired, mostly 180 of them in the bachelor's degree. Through the “European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System”, CPs are valid throughout Europe.


The individual examination committees decide on the recognition of credits. The General Parts of the Examination Regulations define what can be recognized – from other higher education institutions as well as from abroad.



Disadvantage compensation

Disabled and chronically ill students have the right to take exams under comparable conditions as other students. Sometimes this requires individual rules and measures. Students apply to the examination board in respect of such compensatory measures for disadvantage.


IT-based administration of examinations

In the “Examination Office Bremen Online”, known as “PABO”, students complete standard procedures such as registration and deregistration and can print out current transcripts of studies at any time. At the beginning of your studies, you will receive the necessary PIN and TAN by mail.


Definitively failed

Anyone who has definitively failed an exam after the expiry of the repetition period will be ex-matriculated by the University. Students should consider possibly changing to another degree program which may permit recognition of successfully completed exams and the CPs you have already earned; the application must be made online within the usual application deadlines. The Central Student Advisory Service can inform you about your options after a definitively failed exam.