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AI - Artificial Intelligence

Künstliche Intelligenz - Tara Winstead, Pexels

Due to the increasing digitalization, methods of Artificial intelligence have steadily gained importance. Benefiting from rapidly growing amounts of data and new dimensions in computing power, AI-based learning methods (AI = artificial intelligence) outperform traditional methods.

Given this fact, Artificial Intelligence is one of the lead projects of the U Bremen Research Alliance.

As lead project 2, it is headed by
Prof. Dr. H. Hahn (MEVIS),
Prof. Dr. F. Kirchner (DFKI) and
Prof. Dr. T. Schultz (Universität Bremen)
and deals with AI research in all its different forms in the member institutions.

Activities of the U Bremen Research Alliance in lead project 2 - Artificial Intelligence

AI Center for Health Care

AI is of critical relevance, especially in relation to health research. The goal of the U Bremen Research Alliance is therefore to create an “AI Center for Health Care” as a virtual institute for cooperation across the boundaries of the member institutions.

Learn more about the AI Center for Health Care.

Logo AI Center for Health Care

Peer-to-Peer Network AI

The “Peer-to-Peer Network Artificial Intelligence” offers members of the U Bremen Research Alliance the opportunity to exchange ideas with experienced scientists in AI research. Among other things, it enables the discussion of cooperative research projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

Learn more about the Peer-to-Peer Network Artificial Intelligence.