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Research data

Big data applications, the Internet of Things, and the development of innovative technologies open up new paths. Yet, this creates immense and, in many ways, heterogenous amounts of data that are at the basis for the interdisciplinary key discipline of data science. With the application of leading-edge data science techniques, even complex and high-dimensional data can create value and, thus, a disproportional increase in knowledge production. At its basis is an intelligent research data management with an open-data culture. The goal is to systematically establish, sustainably secure, and make accessible databases from science and research as well as connecting them (inter)nationally.

Research data, digitalization, and data science are focus areas of the members of the U Bremen Research Alliance. Evidence for this development are, for example, the Leibniz ScienceCampus Bremen DigitalPublicHealth, the start of the Data Science Center at the University of Bremen, the establishment of an interdisciplinary and interorganizational doctoral training called ‘Data Train – Training in Research Data Management and Data Science’, and the active participation of the alliance’s members in four of the nine initiatives chosen in June 2020 for the establishment of a German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI).

In order to enhance collective, future-oriented research efforts, the alliance collaborates in seeking to create a space for innovation, infrastructure, and research that is meant to function as a best-practice model nationwide.

Skills in "Open Science" und "Open Innovation" for Early Career Researchers

EU-project "Developing and Implementing hands-on training on Open Science and Open Innovation for Early Career Researchers – DIOSI"

In the EU-project „Developing and Implementing hands-on Training on Open Science and Open Innovation for Doctoral Candidates“ (DIOSI) ten international Universities, who are members the YUFE-alliance, together with an additional partner work on different training programs.

The DIOSI project, coordinated by Universiteit Antwerpen proposes a full cycle concept on doctoral education, from the development of a new joint doctoral educational programme, through the provision of training on Open Science and Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship for doctoral candidates and early career researchers, to the measurement of impact of such training, by creating an impact and graduate tracking framework. The project is funded by EU and has started in January 2021.

The project "Research Data" of the U Bremen Research Alliance contributes to the work package „Open Science Training“, led by the University of Bremen and the University of Eastern Finland. In two train-the-trainer workshops training competences in the fields „Open Access Publishing“ and „FAIR Data“ are conveyed by the professional Open Science Trainer Katarzyna Biernacka. These competences follow (among others) the Train-the-Trainer Concept on Research Data Management of FDMentor

Interested persons from the U Bremen Research Alliance can take part in train-the-trainer workshops on "Open Science" and "Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship" and, thereby, get in touch with the European-wide network of trainers. In a next step, the new trainers convey the aquired knowledge in workshops to doctoral candidates and early career researchers in their home institutions. These workshops should be sustainably implemented in the University's programs.

Please contact Tanja Hörner for further questions.




Geschwungene Netzstruktur auf schwarzem Hintergrund

Research Data Working Group

The Research Data Working Group of the U Bremen Research Alliance brings together and coordinates activities in research data management and data science.


Data Train - Training in Research Data Management and Data Science

The interdisciplinary doctoral training aims at strengthening competences in data literacy, data management, and data science within the alliance while connecting doctoral candidates from different academic fields.



Data Science Center (University of Bremen)

The University of Bremen Data Science Center is an interdisciplinary institute that pools, coordinates, and further develops data science competences at the University of Bremen. Follow this link to the Data Science Center.