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About Data Train

Centralized training for doctoral researchers at member institutions of the U Bremen Research Alliance

In order to meet the great need – in science, economy, and society – for competences in data literacy, data management, and data science, a centralized training offer for doctoral researchers of the member institutions of the alliance is being established. The training is an additional but voluntary offer for doctoral researchers.

Together for everyone!

In the framework of this training for doctoral researchers, the alliance centrally pools and jointly shares its expertise in the basics of research data management and data science. This saves resources and additionally fosters connections across disciplines (and at an early career level at that). Additional players in the training are businesses, primarily from the Bremen region, which have also come to recognize the necessity of building (personnel) resources in the field of research data management and data science.

In the winter semester 2020/2021, a course was offered for students of all disciplines at the University of Bremen in the framework of the program's pilot phase (see below). Following that, a first cycle of the curriculum for doctoral researchers started in March 2021.

The pilot run of the curriculum has been completed in December 2021.

In January 2022, the official launch of the program takes place and the second iteration of the curriculum starts.

Contact & Documents

  • Poster for doctoral training (Research Data Alliance Germany conference Feb. 2020)
Data Train

Concept of the curriculum

Topics and levels are chosen by the doctoral researchers

Courses are allocated to tracks and build on one another. Doctoral researchers can complete the tracks in their entirety or just take individual courses.

The Starter Track consists of interactive lectures giving an overview on topics in the fields of research data management and data science. It is about understanding basic approaches and ideas as well as acquiring basic knowledge.

Doctoral researchers in the Operator Track ‘Data Steward’ gain competences of a data steward and apply digital tools directly in hands-on workshops. Data stewardship describes the using, documenting, managing, preprocessing, and harmonizing of data in compliance with legal and ethical obligations.

Doctoral researchers in the Operator Track ‘Data Scientist’ acquire competences of a data scientist. These include methods from mathematics, statistics, and computer science for the analysis of data. Statistical methods and procedures from artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, are also used. In hands-on workshops, students apply data analysis methods, learn procedures for evaluating these methods, and gain knowledge in visualization technologies.



Completed: Interdisciplinary online course: ‘Research Data Management and Data Science’ for students

WiSe 20/21

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Iris Pigeot, Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner, Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler, Dr. Tanja Hörner, et al.

The course goal is to give an interdisciplinary overview on current topics from the fields of research data management and data science. After an application-oriented introduction, the key areas of application and basic ideas are elaborated as interdisciplinary as possible, which will be done in form of talks and subsequent panel discussions with experts in their field.

You can find the agenda and further information here.


Open Online-Seminar (in German):

Announcement (in German) and schedule (in German)

Winter semester 2020/2021