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The Alliance

Members of the Bremen Research Alliance are the University of Bremen, three Institutions of the the Fraunhofer Society, four institutions of the Leibniz Association, two of the Helmholtz Association, one of the Max Planck Society  and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

The members work closely together on a project-related basis as well as on research questions. The cooperation is organized in four committees. In addition, the members will, if necessary, set up working groups to prepare and operate institutional cooperation projects.

Structure of cooperation in the U Bremen Research Alliance

The steering committee consists of the scientific management and management of the partners. It forms the whole of the cooperation, agrees on the joint work program, and employs working groups to implement institutional projects. The steering committee meets at least once a year.


The Strategic Council consists of the scientific management of the institutions. In it the partners agree on the long-term, strategic perspective of cooperation in research and teaching. The Strategicat meets at least once a year.


The administrative and infrastructure group is the management of the partners. Here, the institutional co-operation projects are managed and further developed. The administration and infrastructure group meets several times a year.


The speakers' conference of the profile areas comprises the speakers of large, cross-institutional research projects, which are particularly found in the university's main scientific areas. The speakers' conference is working closely with the Strategic Council.