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German Maritime Museum – Leibniz Institute for Maritime History (DSM)

The racing yacht DIVA, on display in the museum entrance area, won the Admiral's Cup in 1985. In 2015 it was restored with funds from the Förderverein des Deutschen Schiffahrmuseums e.V..

Opened in 1975, the German Maritime Museum – Leibniz Institute for Maritime History (DSM) is the largest of its kind in Germany. The main theme of the research program is the changing and following relationship between man and sea, using the example of maritime technologies with a focus on ships. How does man use the sea - yesterday and today? And how will we live tomorrow?

The focus of the research and exhibition program is the use of ships in the context of the maritime industry, research shipping or against the background of a changed environmental behavior. Whatever is on these topics, you will find here: from ship models to signal weapons and sea charts to self-reports, pictures and much more. The objects and sources form the starting point of a historical perspective on the invention, use, exploration and reflection of maritime technologies.

With its theme, taking into account a global historical perspective, the DSM has a national and international focus on the future. Within the framework of its cooperative research and exhibition approach, the DSM combines its own research with two scientific focal points, marine and social sciences. In its new exhibition, which will take place successively in three steps from winter 2016/17, the latest findings will be conveyed in these fields.



German Maritime Museum – Leibniz Institute for Maritime History
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