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Formalities after departure

Just as with arrival, there are also some formalities to be observed when leaving Germany.
Broadly speaking, these relate to the following: 

  • Deregistration with the city: If you are moving permanently to another country, it is necessary to deregister with the city office or the BSU. To do this, you need to fill out this form and bring it to the Stadtamt or BSU together with your ID card one week before you move away.
  • Cancelling your "Rundfunkbeitrag": To deregister, you must declare on the form that you are moving away ("that I am moving abroad permanently").
  • Cancel health insurance: You can usually cancel your private health insurance up to three months before the end of the insurance year (depending on the start of the contract). You should state in the letter of termination that you are moving to another country. With all statutory health insurance companies, you must (as a rule) send a letter of termination - if it is not a fixed-term contract - two months in advance. You can find samples on this website.
  • Additional notices of termination: You should remember to cancel your day-care centre, sports club, telephone contracts and bank account, etc. If you move out of Bremen and/or out of Germany, special cancellation deadlines usually apply.
  • Statutory pension insurance: If you have paid contributions to the German statutory pension insurance and the VBL, we strongly recommend that you use the FJP portal. Under certain circumstances you may be entitled to a refund.
  • Join the Alumni Association: We would like to keep in touch with you and invite you to become a member of the Alumni Association. To become a member of our university-wide alumni network, please register here. If you live outside of Germany, membership is free of charge for "ALUMNI der Universität Bremen e.V.".
  • Registration Alumni Map: We invite you to register for our alumni map! This map is an interactive world map to visualise where our alumni are located.
  • Are you coming back? If you are planning to stay longer at the University of Bremen or already know when you will be back, please let us know so that we can continue to keep you informed about news and events for international researchers.