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Individualcoaching for everyone

There are always moments in life when one wishes to receive professional coaching. This can be coaching on personality development, career planning, family, work-life balance or much more. One possible type of coaching can be systematic coaching. 

Systemic coaching is a guided process that allows reflecting on topics in a structured and positive way. It can help to reach individual goals, deal with the personality or maximize the potential. The coach supports the coachee to find his own solutions by opening up space, asking questions and offering tools as well as methods. Typical questions include: career development, personal growth, decisions, intercultural issues, relationship conflicts, etc. What ever your topics are you are welcome!

In the following, we would therefore like to introduce you to three women who offer precisely this kind of systematic coaching. 

  • Master of Intercultural Human Resource Management and Communication
  • Over 6 years of experience in the field of business consulting (leadership, team development, project management, conflict de-escalation)
  • Certified as Systemic Coach (09/21 DCV), Project Manager (IPMA Level D), Scrum Master ( and Facilitator (Päd. Hochschule Heidelberg)
  • Diverse intercultural experience living, studying and working abroad, working languages: English, German
  • Coaching topics include:
    • overcoming obstacles and crisis
    • personal growth and self-empowerment
    • career planning
    • develop positive perspectives, growing a successful mindset
    • embodied decision making
    • and what you want to bring up!

You can send an email directly to Ms Groß here.

  • Tourism management (University of Applied Sciences Munich), Master in European Business (ESCP Madrid and Paris)
  • For over 10 years working at KAEFER Isoliertechnik in Bremen: assistant to the CEO, internal communication and social responsibility, strategy, purchase, etc.
  • Certified Systemic Coach (09/21 DCV), Foundations of Positive Psychology (UPenn), value-oriented organization development
  • Intercultural experience: born in Argentina, lived in several countries, four languages, (German, Spanish, English, French)
  • Experience in several working models (full-time, part-time and self-employed) as well as family organization structures
  • Coaching topics:
    • professional orientation and development
    • well-being, self-worth and personality development
    • self-organization and family organization
    • Work-Life-Balance - especially for mothers
    • Topsharing-teams and executives
    • and many more!

You can send an email directly to Ms Müller here

  • B.A. Sports management and Communication (DSHS Cologne), B.A. Theatre (HKB Berne), M.A. Expanded Theatre (HKB Berne)
  • Over 15 years self-employed as Model and Actress, international collaborations on individual projects as model and actress
  • Intercultural experience: living, studying and working abroad, working languages: English, German, Russian
  • Further education: Certified Systemic Coach (09/21 DCV), The Power MBA (online, English), International Screen Acting Masterclass (AKA Ludwigsburg)
  • Expertise in presentation, rhetoric, project management, marketing and negotiation techniques
  • Developing a voice coaching and training program, with focus on online presentations (Cooperation with SILNAP Zurich)
  • Coaching topics:
    • personal growth and self-management
    • overcoming obstacles in presenting with body and voice, analogous and digital
    • thinking out of the box
    • reflecting process, constructive self-development and achievement of goals
    • reflect skills and knowledge acquired during your studies and integrate them into your own work
    • and your own topics!

You can send an email directly to Ms Egi here

If you have any general questions, please feel free to contact us.
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Who is the coaching for? 
The offer is aimed at all those who need it! It doesn't matter whether you are a Master's student, Phd, doctoral student, scholarship holder or professor. 
Tip: For postdocs, there is also great individual coaching via BYRD. It is mainly about answering questions and uncertainties on the academic career path. You can find more information here

How do I register for the coaching? 
If you have discovered one of the three trainers for yourself, then you can contact the trainer directly at the e-mail address provided. 

What does the coaching cost? 
The price for the coaching is determined individually. Depending on your income, the coach you have asked for will make you an offer.