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Mental Health

Your mental health is at least as important as your physical health.
If you have problems with your mental well-being or would like psychological support, there are several services that can help you.

Are you not sure if you should seek psychological help? Quickly check online by diong this short test.
There are also several ways in which you can help yourself first before seeking professional help. For example, take a look at BYRD's website if you are locating your problems in your working life.

Please also be sure to note that we are not experts and cannot give psychological advice.

Psychological Help

General (telephone) counseling
Nationwide telephone counselling, also in English (24h, 365 days): 0800 1110111
Catholic counselling: 0800 1110222
Protestant counselling (also online): 0800 1110111
Online counselling (email)
Krisenkompass (app)

Social psychiatric service

Crisis Intervention Service (KID)
for acute crises and emergencies: 0421 80058233

Nocturnal help
Nachtwerk Bremen (on-site), or: 0421 95700310

Help for women
Bremen Women's Shelter: 0421 349573
Women's shelter of the AWO: 0421 239611
Bremen North Women's Shelter: 0421 6364874

Help for families
Educational counselling centres
Child and Youth Psychiatric Counselling Centre (KIPSY)
Nummer gegen Kummer - Parents' hotline: 0800 1110550
Nummer gegen Kummer - Child and Youth Helpline: 0800 116111

If you are officially enrolled at the University of Bremen, then you can contact the University's Psychological Counselling Service free of charge. Depending on your counselling needs, you can also talk to the social counselling here.

If you work at the University of Bremen but are not enrolled, you can seek psychological advice from Cassandra Ruhm.

There are several ways to find a psychotherapist. Among other things, you can visit the website Psych-Info and search for therapists by location. Another option is the website, where you can also search for therapists who speak foreign languages.


If you suffer from a recognised and already identified mental disorder, such as depression or anxiety disorders, the health insurance usually covers the entire costs.

In general, the benefits vary depending on whether you have statutory or private health insurance. The health insurance company with which you are insured also plays a role.
Before you start any kind of therapy, please discuss the payment or reimbursement with your health insurance company.

Emergency services

Telephone Counselling Bremen:
0800 - 11 101 11 (24 hours)
0800 - 11 101 22 (catholic)

Social Psychiatric Service Bremen
0421 - 800 582 10 (weekdays, from 8.30 am until 5.00 pm)

Crisis Intervention Service (KID)
0421 - 800 582 33 (weekdays, from 5 pm until 9 pm & on weekends from 8.30 am until bis 5 pm)

Help at night (Nachtwerk Bremen)
0421 - 957 00 310 (weekdays 9pm until 8.30am & on weekends from 5pm until 8.30am)

Healthy work life

Are you a PhD student and are currently writing your dissertation? The BYRD team has some important tips for you.



You can get psychological counselling from the Studierendenwerk.

PULS (University outpatient clinic)

The institute for psychology created the concept of the university's outpatient clinic and provides a central point for everone (of every age) who suffers from mental issues and/or anomalies in behaviour or development. 

Institute for Psychology
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Grazer Str. 2
28359 Bremen

With you can easily connect with your direct neighbours.

Mental health in your work life

A mental health monitor.

Women's mental health

Here you can find a brochure of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Work routines

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