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The best solution for your stay in Bremen could be renting a furnished room or apartment. Below we have listed some companies, agencies and housing providers that other researchers have made great experiences with during their stay. All of them can be contacted in German and English and with some you can even sign your contract before arriving in Bremen/Germany.

Guesthouse Findorff

A completely new option is the Private Guest House in Bremen-Findorff. The building was completely renovated in 2019 and consists of eight accommodation units, each with three rooms and a penthouse. The rooms are fully furnished and have WLAN access. Kitchen, bathroom, washing machine and the dryer in the basement are used together per accommodation unit. Completely in the still of a flat-sharing community. The prices vary depending on the length of stay from 410-510 € warm per month. For contact details, please see the attached file and their Facebook website.

For further information about the Findorff district, please see the district overview and the link attached there.

Guesthouse "Teerhof58"

The guesthouse "Teerhof58" was reopened after renovation work in February 2019. It is located right on the bank of the river Weser and through the panoramic windows you can oversee the water and the famous Schlachte beyond that. The city center, the Neustadt as well as public transport are within a short walking distance. The tram line 6 stops just around the corner and takes you to university or the airport.

For a binding reservation, please fill in the booking form and send it back to us.

7THINGS – my favorite apartment

Another option is the  „7THINGS – my favorite apartment“ located on the university campus. It offers 51 non-smoking apartments in the vicinity of university buildings and research institutes, as well as supermarkets, the Bürger Park and Uni See as well as the Universum. Under the inserted link you will find all information and the inquiry form. Please provide the following information when filling in the field "message"/ "Nachricht":

  1. Recommendation by the UBRA Welcome Center of the University of Bremen
  2. Your department, faculty or institute as well as your mentor or contact person there
  3. Your billing address

If you have any further questions please contact the 7THINGS -  my favorite apartment under +49 421 69677377 or infoprotect me ?!7thingsprotect me ?!.de.


If you are staying in Bremen for longer than 3 months, we will be happy to refer you to the HomeCompany Bremen. The agency offers its services in German and English and enables academics to conclude rental contracts before entering Germany. If you have any problems or questions, the Home Company will also help you and try to make your stay as smooth as possible. This link will take you directly to the registration form.
Please understand that furnished flats in Bremen are only available at short notice. The HomeCompany Bremen can therefore usually only offer flats 1-2 months before the desired move-in date.

If you still have questions, the staff of the Home Company Bremen can be reached at +49 (0)421 19445.

MibeaAnother option is Mibea. On their website you can find all current offers. Contacting this company is mainly possible in German.

On and around campus private housing and apartment complexes are available to rent. Everyone, students, PhD candidates and scholars of all areas can apply.

Conway's HomeBeing the newest addition to campus housing in the Technologie Park area, there are still studio apartments available to rent for students and non-students alike. Be quick before they are all gone!
Mary4The completely newly built apartment house Mary4 is located directly on the university grounds. It offers a total of 119 fully furnished apartments, 9 of it are wheelchair accessible. Three different sizes allow you to decide how much space you need.
Galileo-ResidenzAll units are furnished and fitted with a kitchen. Depending on your preference, rooms with their own or shared bathroom are available. Students live together in units of two to nine people. The Residenz is located on campus close to the Mensa, library and public transport. The Uni See, Bürgerpark and Blockland can be reached within minutes.
Campus VivaThis apartment complex offers single apartments, common rooms and outside areas along the Fleet. Located in the Technologie Park, ways to the University, public transport and supermarkets are short. The Uni See, Blockland and Bürgerpark close by make living here enjoyable.

The Fizz

Living in the Fizz means it only takes a few steps to be on campus or in a tram rushing to the city center. Supermarkets are in sight and the bus to the (for example) Botanika stops right in front of the building. Students here live in studio apartments and can get to know their neighbors in the common room areas.


The Studierendenwerk Bremen is the public provider accommodation for students and PhD candidates in Bremen. All their shared and studio apartments are furnished and equipped with a small kitchenette, fridge-freezer and bathroom. They offer rooms in shared flats, single and double studio apartments as well as family apartments. The buildings are usually equipped with laundry facilities and common rooms, free parking and bike sheds. The rent includes all aditional costs.

The Studierenden Werk has 11 locations in Bremen and a further 2 in Bremerhaven. If you are a student or PhD student you can contact the Studierenden Werk to apply for a room or apartment.

In Bremen many older people are left with spare rooms once their children are grown up and have moved out. On the other side, many students and young academics are on the hunt for affordable housing. The Studierendenwerk Bremen together with the City of Bremen have started the project "Housing for Help" ("Wohnen für Hilfe"). Older citizens provide their free rooms rent-free to those seeking who in return offer their help with light house and garden work. 

It is not about caring for an older person or doing a lot of handy work but to support each other while living together. For each square meter the student works one hour per months. All additional costs for water and electricity are payed in Euro. All tasks and services are set in the rental agreement. 

The Studierendenwerk advises and informs students that are interested to later find the perfect housing match. The city does the same for the other side and before signing any rental agreement both parties can meet to get to know each other. Part of the project is to not only match expectations in the tasks but also to fit together on a personal level. 

For more information or to join the project students and seniors can contact 01590 631 0007 or wohnenfuerhilfe.bremenprotect me ?!gmailprotect me ?!.com.

Guesthouse HanseatIn addition to hotel rooms, the Guesthouse Hanseat also offers holiday flats for two to five people or apartments for two to four people, which are perfect for a short stay or to provide a roof over your head until the perfect long-term accommodation is found.
City SterneThe provider City Sterne offers a total of two different guesthouses, which are well suited for shorter stays.
HomeCompanyThe HomeCompany not only offers accommodation in Bremen, but also in Bremerhaven. More detailed information can be found above under "Housing Agencies" or on their website.
StudierendenwerkThe Studierendenwerk also offers some accommodation in Bremerhaven. There are a total of two housing complexes there, one with 26 and the other with 106 places. These accommodations can also be found on the Studierendenwerk homepage or directly via this link.


Online platforms allow you to look into the housing market and start talking to potential landlords from the comfort of your home. There is also still the opportunity to have a look at newspapers and their digital resources or check out bullin boards if house hunting the traditional way is more to your likings.


Wg-gesucht.deThe platform is particularly popular amongst students to find flat shares or studio apartments. New offers come in frequently and have a fast turn over, especially during the summer months, so do not hesitate to contact your future flat mates. Next to flat shares, there is a smaller selection of studio apartments and apartments advertised.

These two platforms are of the biggest in Germany and furnished as well as unfurnished apartments are offered here. It is possible to select different filters to fit your preferences.
Roomlala.deSimilar to, this platform offers an overview of privately advertised rooms.
Weser KurierNewspapers are still worth looking into and the Weser Kurier is the largest local paper in Bremen with a special section on their website dedicated to the housing market.


In case you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact welcomeprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de for help and more information.